Warrant Officers

Warrant Officers

What is a Warrant Officer?

In 1985, the Department of the Army developed a clear and concise definition which encompasses all warrant officer specialties.

An officer appointed by warrant by the Secretary of the Army, based upon a sound level of technical and tactical competence. The warrant officer is the highly specialized expert and trainer who, by gaining progressive levels of expertise and leadership, operates, maintains, administers, and manages the Army's equipment, support activities, or technical systems for an entire career.

Specialized training prepares you to be a technical and tactical expert in your concentration and an effective leader, instructor and advisor to both subordinates and commanders who depend on you. With over 40 different tech warrant specialties, you will likely have options to select from based on your MOS. Whichever warrant officer career direction you choose, you'll be on a path to higher rank, increased responsibility and authority, and greater pay and benefits.

The Warrant Officer Creed

Willingly render loyal services to superiors, subordinates and peers in every organization of which they are members.
Always set an example in conduct, appearance and performance that will make others proud to know and work with them.
Reliably discharge all duties with which they are confronted whether such duties are expressed or implied.
Readily subordinate their personal interests and welfare to those of their organization and their subordinates.
Accept responsibility at every opportunity and acknowledge full accountability for their actions.
Never knowingly tolerate wrong-doing by themselves or others, whether by commission or omission, design or neglect.
Teach other people in a way that effectively expand and perpetuate the scope of their technical competence.

Obtain breadth of perspective and depth of understanding beyond the limits of their specific responsibility.
Faithfully adhere to their oath of office in all respects, upholding and defending the United State's Constitution by both word and deed.
Forcefully take the initiative to stimulate constructive action in all areas requiring or inviting their attention.
Improve themselves both physically and mentally, professionally and personally, to increase their own abilities and the value of their services.
Contribute their past experiences, service and knowledge to a dedicated effort for a betterment of the future.
Earn an ironclad reputation for the absolute integrity of their word.
Reflect credit and inspire confidence in themselves, the Warrant Officer Corps, the military service of the nation and the United States of America.

Eligibility Requirements

If you are currently an E5 or higher in the Army National Guard, a USAR Soldier, a transitioning active component Soldier, or a current or former Warrant Officer, you might just be the person we're looking for. There are also some basic requirements you must meet as determined by the Army National Guard.

Applicants must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 46 (additional restrictions may apply to specific MOSs)
  • Score 110 or above on the General Aptitude Area Test
  • Be a High School Graduate or pass the General Education Development test (GED)
  • Be a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization
  • Be able to successfully pass all events on the Army Physical Fitness Test and meet height/weight standards
  • Be able to pass FINAL Secret or Top Secret Security Clearance (Interim clearances will not satisfy requirement)
  • Meet certain mandatory technical qualifications for your specific MOS
  • Have 12 months remaining on your enlistment contract


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DA Pamphlet 611-21, Military Occupational Classification and Structure

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For more information on becoming a Warrant Officer, contact CW4 Debra Salters at debra.j.salters.mil@mail.mil or call 517-481-9851