• FAQs

What is my commitment when I enlist into the Michigan Army National Guard?

Upon enlisting into the Michigan Army National Guard, you sign a contract to serve for 3 or 6 years. During your enlistment contract you will train as little as one weekend a month and two weeks of annual training per year, usually during the summer. All benefits are determined based on your enlistment contract.

What is basic training like?

Basic Combat Training (BCT) is U.S. Army basic training and is located at one four Army posts around the country: Fort Benning, GA, Fort Jackson, SC, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, or Fort Sill, OK. Basic training lasts ten weeks and the location of your training will depend on what job you decide to train for. You will be trained in basic rifle marksmanship, first aid, drill and ceremony and basic Soldier skills. BCT is challenging and intense but you will be able to reach your goal of graduating and becoming a Soldier in the Michigan Army National Guard.

What will I be doing during a drill weekend?

When your unit conducts drill it is usually on a Saturday and Sunday. Your unit will conduct training and administrative tasks to keep you and your fellow Soldiers prepared for any mission that you are called upon to complete. Weapons qualification, land navigation, first aid, vehicle maintenance, promotions and awards are all done during your drill weekends.

What is Annual Training?

Annual Training (AT) is two weeks of training usually conducted during the summer. Your unit may participate in exercises locally, in another state or overseas. 

Can I go to school while I am in the Michigan Army National Guard?

YES! The Michigan Army National Guard believes an education is very important and will help you earn your degree. There are many education benefits available to Michigan National Guard Soldiers such as State Tuition Assistance Program (STAP), grants at Michigan colleges and universities, G.I Bill, Federal Tuition Assistance etc. All of these programs combined usually exceed the total cost of tuition, books, and fees at most Michigan postsecondary institutions. By serving one weekend a month and two weeks a year you will have the opportunity to attend college.

Will I be deployed overseas?

CitizenSoldiers of the National Guard have served in conflicts at home and overseas since the birth of our Nation. In recent history, Michiganders have been involved in operations such as Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Michigan National Guard Soldiers continue to be an important part of our Nation’s defense strategy.

Can I join with a GED?

YES! We are now accepting applicants with a GED. However, enlistment eligibility can change from time to time. Contact your local Michigan National Guard recruiter to find out the latest information.

Can I join if I do not have a High School Diploma or a GED?

If you are currently a high school junior or senior, you are eligible to join if you are at least 17 years of age. Otherwise you are ineligible until you obtain a GED or other accredited high school equivalency. Alternative education and homeschool students are eligible depending on individual circumstances. Contact your local National Guard Recruiter for the latest information and to determine your eligibility.