Pay & Benefits

Pay & Benefits


Reenlistment Bonuses and Benefits

If you decide to reenlist, you may be eligible to receive a bonus of up to $12,000 for a 6 year extension. Extending your enlistment for 2 years could qualify you for a $4,000 extension bonus.



Healthcare costs can be difficult to cope with, but with a plan through Tricare you can receive affordable healthcare for you and your family. Coverage is available to single Soldiers for only $50.75 per month and military families for $205.62 per month. Find eligibility information and coverage specifics on Tricare’s website.


For only $28.24 each month, single Soldiers can have access to a premium dental plan through Tricare Dental. For just $96.01 per month you can get coverage for your spouse and children as well. Find plan specifics in the Tricare Dental Website.

Life Insurance

Get coverage of up to $400,000 for $29.00 per month for a single Soldier. For more information visit the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance website.


After 20+ years of service, you will have a great nest­egg upon retirement. Payments will begin when you reach age 60. The average Soldier accrues at least 2,627 points with more than 26 years. Refer to the example chart below for a preview of what 2,627 points at retirement will yield in your retirement payout:


  Per month payment

Total payout over 20 years


$672 $161,280
E7 $901


E8 $1,029


E9 $1,368



After you retire, you can stil receive healthcare through Tricare paying only 20%. This is a $1,000 value amount you could save each month. View detail plans online or contact the Retirement office via phone at 517-481-9867.