• FAQs


FTSMCS instructions.

1. Select or type the following the URL into your search engine.https://ftsmcs.ngb.army.mil

2. If you do not have prior permissions to FTSMCS the link will take you to directly to Job Announcements. If you do have special permissions, you will see “Most Popular Tools” at the bottom of the page where you will select “Job Announcements”.

3. Make sure your “State of Assignment” is MI click the “Search” button

4. You will see the Position you are interested in and click “Apply” highlighted in blue to the left of MI

5. The Position information will populate at the top of the screen and below this the Application will begin. There is a PDF icon that will open a 34-1 that auto populates some of your data.

6. Your information should auto populate. If it does not you can manually input your data. The system will not allow you to go forward unless all the required information is entered.

7. You will see “Supporting Documentation” highlighted in blue toward the bottom of the screen. You must upload all of these documents. If you do not the system will automatically disqualify you for the position. To upload Select the “Document Type” you wish to upload and “choose file” from your computer where you have them saved.

8. You will receive an email once your packet is submitted. You will also receive an email when your packet has been reviewed and accepted.