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Michiga National Guard celebrates Earth Awareness and Sustainability efforts

By MI National Guard | Accomplishments

LANSING, Mich. --

From solar arrays and wind harnessing technology to protection of the environment and critical infrastructure, the Michigan National Guard family is a proud partner in promoting environmental awareness and security as Earth Day 2016 approaches.

“I recently saw a compiled list of earth-smart projects the Michigan National Guard had been a part of in the past few years and was overcome with a profound feeling of pride,” said Maj. Gen. Gregory Vadnais, adjutant general of the Michigan National Guard and director of the Michigan Department of Military and Veteran Affairs. “Michiganders are blessed with beautiful lakes, sand dunes, and forests. Protecting our natural resources is in our DNA. It is the forward-thinking of our Environmental, Engineering, and Installation Teams in Selfridge, Grayling, Alpena and Battle Creek that really makes me proud resulting in recognition by the National Guard Bureau for a 1st place Environmental Security Award for Sustainability this past year.”

Since 2009, the Michigan National Guard public affairs office has published more than 15 environment related feature stories and has assisted with the recording of many others by connecting Guard subject matter experts with media representatives and community groups nationwide. The Battle Creek cyber security range, climate preparedness and resiliency planning pilot studies and the Fort Custer and Camp Grayling green energy efforts (recycling programs, LEEDS building projects, the near-zero-water-use hot wash for vehicles and the reclamation and restoration of prairies and threatened wildlife species are just a few examples), have gained global notoriety.

The Michigan Army National Guard is a dynamic organization comprised of men and women committed to defending and protecting the citizens of the State of Michigan and the American public, both domestically and abroad. The ability to accomplish that mission is enhanced through sustainable actions including ensuring adequate personnel strength, training proficiency, equipment serviceability, and conservation of training lands and other environmental assets. The MIARNG is committed to environmental stewardship in a variety of ways, at all facilities and training areas. A sustainable training environment, maintained by prudent resource stewardship, is critical to the continued utilization of these resources.

“This is a special Earth Day for the Michigan National Guard,” Vadnais said. “Based upon what we’ve already accomplished and the plans that we are currently executing clearly makes the Michigan National Guard a leader throughout the Department of Defense.”