Military Occupational Specialties

Military Occupational Specialties

Enlisted Soldiers make up the backbone of the Michigan Army National Guard. The enlisted Soldier's service is a powerful, adaptable force that can be called upon at any time to respond to any state emergency or federal activation. Enlisted Soldiers must apply the determination and skills learned in basic combat training and advanced individual training to achieve mission success even in the most difficult and harshest of conditions. Enlisted Soldiers are highly respected for their sense of duty and the many sacrifices they have made for love and respect of their community, state and country. Much like employees of any corporation, Enlisted Soldiers perform specific job functions and have the knowledge that ensures the success of their unit's current mission within the Army.

Today's Michigan Army National Guard is a modern and powerful military force. The Michigan Army National Guard's men and women work in many types of jobs, ranging from general administration to the operation and maintenance of Michigan Army National Guard's thousands of weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and highly technical electronic systems.

This Michigan Army National Guard has over 100 different Military Occupational Skills available, below are just a few different MOS's that are available to choose from.

ADJUTANT GENERAL CORPS - Become a human resource specialist. You will learn to create and maintain a Soldier's personnel record from day one to retirement.

AVIATION LOGISTICS -  Where Soldiers learn to maintain some of the world's most advanced helicopters. Depending on your Army job, you can specialize in the AH64 Apache, UH60 Black Hawk, CH47 Chinook, or the OH58 Kiowa.

CHEMICAL CORPS -  Chemical officers are experts in nuclear, biological and radiological defense and warfare, and homeland protection. They also lead chemical units in combat support.

CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL, RADIOLOGICAL, NUCLEAR (CBRN) SCHOOL - The threat of CBRN (seeburn) weapons requires the Army to have a corps of dedicated professionals capable of using the latest detection and defense technology and to operate vehicles and equipment during CBRN operations.

ENGINEERING - Teaches skills from building bridges to conducting graphic analysis.

FIELD ARTILLERY - Will train you to provide firepower during combat operations. Learn field artillery systems, communications platforms, electronics, tactics, techniques and procedures for the employment of fire support systems.

INFANTRY - The foundation of the Army. Infantry Soldiers are experts in combat preparedness. They use small arms, antiarmor or indirect fire weapons during combat missions.

MILITARY POLICE - Learn law enforcement skills for war, peace, stability, and support operations.

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE CORPS - Military intelligence officers are always out front, providing essential intelligence and information about the enemy, terrain and weather conditions.

ORDNANCE CORPS - Ordnance officers are responsible for ensuring that weapons systems, munitions, vehicles and equipment are ready and in perfect working order at all times.

QUARTERMASTER - Is where you learn the basics of supplying food, water, petroleum, repair parts, ammunition and other field services for worldwide combat and humanitarian operations.

SIGNAL CORPS - With information dissemination management and communications technology the new frontier of defense, the Army Signal Corps couldn't be more relevant today. Signal supplies information systems and worldwide networks for the Army, the Department of Defense and allied nations in coalition operations. Soldiers learn the skills to automate, transmit, receive, and maintain voice and data information using the most current technologies.